Horoscope Week June 2nd to 9th, 2013


There are a few very interesting days full of empathy and desire to change ahead for us this week!

Finally last week Jupiter passed the degrees of last year Venus retrograde station expect new development in matters  dating back to May-July 2012, read also here!

Let’s look now at the most significant aspects of the coming week: Pluto retrograde is leaving behind again the square to Uranus, while the Sun is perfecting a sextile to Uranus highlighting our desire for new enterprises without any restriction from the past or the establishment.

First Mercury and then Venus will move in the first great water triangle of this year that will be reinforced by the presence of Jupiter at the end of June when it will move in the sign of Cancer too.

So now we have an idea of the energy that will go along with us in the next months:  we will get the chance to experiment a new type of perception characterized  by higher vibrations  than usual the ones we can’t  understand only with our senses. Those who will be more ready to surrender to this energy without the necessity to explain what’s going on, will have the opportunity to a deep opening mind experience.

Looking to planets involved in these aspects, the major influence will be on love affairs, health, finances, but also our communication skills.

Have a nice week!


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