Weekly horoscope from May 12th to 19th 2013


Venus just moved into Gemini, the sign of curiosity and the desire to be always involved in new interests. We’re looking for open-mindedness and new stimulation!
This Venus won’t surrender easily to the romantic dreams Neptune is offering from Pisces. She certainly won’t be drown in a sea of illusions and vague ideas.
Just now she’s winking to Uranus which she’ll reach (sextile) at the end of the week. Nobody will stop her then.
If you are in a steady relationship, have no fear: you can live this energy through a new hobby,  taking short trips avoiding boredom with completely new experiences.
If you are free instead, you’ll be ready for new dates, but without any commitment in sight, otherwise  you’ll be happier meeting friends and acquaintances.

In the background grey clouds are coming:  they’re going to influence our feelings like a sudden storm because the heavyweight of the Zodiac, Pluto and Uranus, are going to perfecting the cardinal square again.
Politics and economic matters will be on the spot: be ready to look for a shelter or at least an umbrella.

Have a nice week!



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